The only way this is going to get interesting and work is if I give you all my thoughts no matter how crazy that’s the damn Contrab&nd. I’m gonna take u all over the world of my idiocy 😂😂😂. U get to see what I obsess over and stress over and I’m hoping this shit gets interesting and I find my voice. I don’t know WTF I am doing and that’s the beauty of it watch me evolve, grow or implode. This all I got so somebody got to like it. I’ll be sharing a lot of screenshots and crazy ideas I have. So with that said I’m gonna pick something random right now …


So … I need to borrow $850 so I can sell my shirts out a vending machine. I been thinking about alternatives to sell stuff because I cant afford a store and the vending machine thing might work in the hood and it secure without relatively being able to be robbed. I could do like stickers, shirts, pins and whatever else and supply the streets. Maybe even like survival stuff like IDK knives? LMAO. Or maybe food and condoms I guess that’s what survival amounts to nowadays shit. Maybe electronics maybe just weird cool stuff. Yea it’ll be dope so run me the $850 so I can make dreams happen fool. Also I’d like vinyl wrap it and make it cool. Just a thought. We gonna keep this thangs poppin. I’m out tho.

Buy Contraband Here


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