Contrab&nd Br&nd

noun \ˈkän-trə-ˌband\
1: illegal or prohibited traffic in goods : smuggling
2: goods or merchandise whose importation, exportation, or possession is forbidden; also : smuggled goods
3: a slave who during the American Civil War escaped to or was brought within the Union lines

Established in 2012 by a former street trafficer with aspirations to be more then just that, Contrab&nd Br&nd Conspiracy (CBC) was inspired by the diverse social, political and economic struggles of those all around the world living an underground, underworld, undesired or otherwise rebellious lifestyle & the quest for validity and identity in their community and careers. The name was inspired by a poem written by radical poet Assata & captures the spiritual & physical struggle of those who fight  everyday for survival, recognition & respect. You see the place where I’m from … where I’m from nothing is illegal or off limits. Nothing except for the compassion to care about something, to care about someone, to care about anything, where I’m from nothing is illegal except for love.

“Love is CONTRABAND in Hell,
cause love is a acid
that eats away bars.
But you, me, and tomorrow
hold hands and make vows
that struggle will multiply.
The hacksaw has two blades.
The shotgun has two barrels.
We are pregnant with freedom.
We are a conspiracy.
It is our duty to fight for our freedom
It is our duty to win
We must love each other and support each other.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

Contrab&nd is really a concept, a philosophy, an idea for the people. An idea that life’s negatives can be turned into positives. That just because you started at the bottom of the pyramid that doesn’t mean you have to stay down there. Contrab&nd is the Trap its The Set Up. That circumstances & insurmountable odds can be over come with ingenuity, hard work & faith in your vision. Contrab&nd is the idea that we can control our own destinies & socioeconomic futures, create new narratives & opportunities for our communities, and empower ourselves without selling out to to empty heartless corporate motivations. Contrab&nd is surviving in these ghetto streets, no new sneaks, with nothing to eat, just headphones, a dream and a beat. Contraband is the struggle. The struggle is real yo it exist. Contrab&nd is fuck the outdated authority. Contrab&nd is fuck the overbearing majority. Contrab&nd is the last Revolution. A Revolution of Inventive Creativity. &nd Br&nd is a Community Company using Technology to Empower The People. Contrab&nd is Crowd Funded By The People That Use It, Person 2 Person, Crowd Resourced, Locally Renewable & Curated by the Rough Terrain we make a Living In. Contrab&nd is the divine synergy of opportunity, insight, adaptive ground level models, dynamic ideas from the crowd, extreme situations and circumstances, creative inspirations and environments, the desperate conditions of life and underground ideology and practicality colliding into useful innovation. Contrab&nd Counterbr&nd is for the Trappers and The Hackers… Apps & Music & Videos & Gear & Stories & Philosophy. Defiance By Design. We Are A Conspiracy. We Are Contrab&nd.

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