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In My LifeTime … An Introduction

“love is contraband in hell because love is an acid that eats away bars” … – Assatta

Who I am ain’t important. I know I’m suppose to introduce my self and that’s what people with computer blogs and stuff do. This is different. This is gonna be honest. This is gonna get REAL. I ain’t important to you, I ain’t important to them and really its not important to me because this is my whole point and purpose. I am the unknown. I am the unwanted. I am the disconnected.  I am the disenfranchised. I am the forgotten. I am the overlooked. I am the have not. I am the ugly underside of America. I am forgotten youth. I am the confused gapped generation between steel workers and cyborgs. I am the problem they want to deny exist. I am becoming self aware. I Am Contrab&nd. I am hustled through American institutions and handled like smuggled goods through ghetto hoods. Perpetually lost in context and purpose. Made to fit a plan, a design, a scheme or a plot and then twist but look I want out of this prison and you may not know it yet but you do too. So anyway I was up in my little room the other night, you know chilling and the TV was on. I was watching that movie Dope on Netflix. Now Dope is an “Urban” drama film based and filmed in my hometown of Inglewood, California; a suburb of Los Angeles and so this probably gives you a little clue about who I am and my origins but anyway there’s this kid in the movie that’s into computers and hip-hop and fashion and he doesn’t really fit in with any traditional order at his high school or in his community. At the end he give an impassioned speech about this at the end of the flick and the movie ends with the high school black kid being accepted into Harvard University. I’m sitting there on my full size bed thinking that this fictional character dude is like me. Who I am and how I think don’t really fall in line or identify with the standard templates of the past that marked status in society and we all are kind of like hybrids. So then I thought that this is the spirit of Contrab&nd, that I have trouble atriculating, this energy of individuality is purpose that drives this movement, The Contrab&nd it doesn’t know what it wants to be yet, of if what it wants to be even has a name. I know I don’t want to conform because in principle of what I stand for conformity would be death. In changing times of trouble when we need to rise to a challenge conformity is death. So I’m gonna to do something a little different here. I’m going to teach the marginalized how to fight back. Empowerment To The People. I’m going to describe certain techniques for power and knowledge. I’m going to speak on life hacking, using tech and crowd sourcing, and changing the face of our bleak futures. We are going to talk about cool things that help you out on the day to day and put them in the context of the struggle. This experiment is gonna start a little personal because for me it is personal and hopefully it will be personal and make an impact for you as well. This is my first blog post and I hope my skills only get better. I’m documenting this transformation and this blog will be about me adjusting from one lifestyle to the next life and crossing the threshold of life and death. To illustrate my vision I’ll be using every medium at my disposal and showing you how I did it. I’ll show example and article to explore my visions and Contrab&nd is about the journey to this promised land we envision. We have all been affected by the drug trade in my community and it’s time to train for new perspectives, new attitudes, new skills and healthier choices. So who am I ? I’m am the true anonymous on the internet but for now just call me Theo. I’m going to be going from trapper to techie and I’m going to call that Trap Tech. I’m going to be going from a nobody to a somebody. I’ll be your guide out of the ghetto and into the guild of freedom. So come with me if you want to live. I’m doing it all for the love and love is the only drug that I need. Love Is Contrab&nd. Love Is A Conspiracy. We Are A Conspiracy. We Are Contrab&nd.

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